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SOCIAL SCULPTURE by A2Z™ 「SOCIAL SCULPTURE」は、本展ギャラリーオブタブーのために制作された、コロナ禍における希望を象徴した27個のシリーズ作品群です。 アノニマスA〜アノニマスZと題した、匿名の人格を与えた26人(個)の人々(作品群)が、いまコロナ禍でも自分が社会に対して行動できることはないか、と、世の中の幸福に寄与しようとする様子を描いています。最後の1点の作品、F60号のキャンバスに描かれた作品は人々の行為そのものが合体し集団意識へと変わります。 集団意識はバタフライエフェクトのような力学を伴い、コロナ収束後の新しい未来を形成する東京の心象風景を描いています。 社会彫刻とは、1960年代のヨーゼフボイスが提唱した拡張された芸術概念であり、あらゆる人間は自らの創造性によって社会の幸福に寄与する、と提起しており、緊急事態宣言の中でも誰もが自分の常識を破る“小さなタブー”によって、新たな行動に出る瞬間を後押しする、「行動提起」を促すメディア装置となっています。
A2Z™ ( Instagram : @atozmuseum | web : atoz-museum.com ) A2Z™は東京を拠点とする匿名アーティスト。「AtoZ MUSEUM®」の活動を2019年より開始。すでに認知されている世のなかの日用品、身の回りにあるもの(A[起源]からZ[終焉]まで)を再定義してアート作品としてパッケージする、覆面型プロジェクトの活動を展開している。 その第1弾では、シカゴ美術館で2018年に著作権が消滅した5万点を超える作品群から選出した、パブリックドメインの作品データを改変してアート作品を制作。価値があったものが民主化し、新たに人口の息を吹き込んだ「絵画のゾンビ」を、A2Z™のオリジナル作品に登場するキャラクターの「Mr.A / Mr.Z」が表現。 2020年9月には渋谷パルコ2FにあるOIL by 美術手帖にて初の個展を開催した。 そして本展GALLERY OF TABOOでは、シリーズ 「SOCIAL SCULPTURE 」と題した新作27点を発表する。
SOCIAL SCULPTURE by A2Z™ "SOCIAL SCULPTURE" is a group of 27 series of works created for this exhibition Gallery of Taboo, which symbolizes hope in the Corona wreck. Twenty-six (individuals) people (work groups) who gave anonymous personalities, entitled Anonymous A to Anonymous Z, wondered if they could act on society even with the corona sickness, to the happiness of the world. It depicts how it contributes. The last piece, the work drawn on the canvas of F60, combines people's actions and turns into a collective consciousness. Collective consciousness is accompanied by dynamics such as the butterfly effect, and depicts the mental landscape of Tokyo that will form a new future after the convergence of the corona. Social sculpture is an extended artistic concept advocated by Joseph Beuys in the 1960s, proposing that every human being contributes to the well-being of society through his creativity, and everyone in the state of emergency declares himself. With a small taboo that breaks the conventional wisdom, it is a group of works that encourage "action proposals" that support the moment when a new action is taken.
A2Z ™ (Instagram: @atozmuseum | web: atoz-museum.com) A2Z ™ is an anonymous artist based in Tokyo. "AtoZ MUSEUM®" activities will start in 2019. We are developing a masked project that redefines the already recognized daily necessities of the world and the things around us (from A [origin] to Z [end]) and packages them as art works. In the first installment, the art work was created by modifying the public domain work data selected from more than 50,000 works whose copyrights disappeared in 2018 at the Art Institute of Chicago. The character "Mr.A / Mr.Z" that appears in the original work of A2Z ™ expresses the "zombie of painting" that has democratized what was valuable and breathed new life into the population. In September 2020, he held his first solo exhibition at OIL by Bijutsu Techo on the 2nd floor of Shibuya Parco. And at this exhibition GALLERY OF TABOO, 27 new works entitled "SOCIAL SCULPTURE" will be announced.

Born in Aichi prefecture in 1985. Lives in Tokyo. After studying abroad at Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK, graduated from Visual Design Department of Design Department, Kyoto Seika University. 2013 Established Creative Collective [CATTLEYA TOKYO]. From the context of art / fashion, he develops art direction, graphic design, and video production activities in the fields of fashion brand / musician / beauty / contemporary art in his own style. In recent years, he has been developing new creative activities such as solo exhibition activities, art book production, and presided over art projects.
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